Our top 5 tips for hosting a corporate event in a marquee

Corporate and trade events

Social distancing rules are leaving companies in doubt as to whether company gatherings are possible let along practical.
The truth is that marquees – yes, in plural – could be the perfect solution for your corporate event. These are our top 5 tips for hosting a corporate event in a marquee.

With so many choices of structure, interior design and catering, any corporate event held in a marquee will provide the perfect opportunity to create a unique event.

1. Be choosy about the location of your corporate event

Marquees offer a unique attraction to encourage guests to attend – because you can specify the backdrop: the location.
Don’t stay with the tried and tested hall or venue. Choose an innovative location such as a field with a view, by a lake, a country house garden, or even more creative than that – your car park! Yes we can put up marquees on soft or hard ground.
With a marquee or three and some portaloos, you’re ready to go. But do make sure the location is accessible for all, to ensure numbers are adequate to avoid a flop.

2. Corporate doesn’t mean formal: make it a surprise

An unexpected party or celebration will be more likely to create a memorable event. Whether it’s staff or clients in attendance, we all need a bit of cheer and by making it clear you’ve planned ahead for social distancing and handwashing they’ll come!

It’s been a tough time and a celebration of the future is a celebration indeed.


3. Put a plan in place

Even if it’s a big surprise or has been on the cards for months, plan ahead.

Be sure you share timings and location with your guests. You want everyone to turn up at the right location and on time. We can help you with pretty much all of the detail thereafter, such as the tables and chairs, socially distanced booths, cutlery and finer touches like balloons and table dressing. You may want:
• experienced event caterers
• music such as a band or DJ, or dancing
• entertainment such as comedians or comperes
• bar facilities.

4. Use the available space with marquees

A marquee can provide a quick solution when you want to act fast, because we come to you. And we can combine marquees to have an open, closed or booth-style venue that meets all your requirements. It could be like a little tented village, which makes the corporate event fun as well as different.

We’ll help you plan all aspects of your event, from the layout to optimise the space down to the power requirements.

5. Pick the right team for the job

At Devon and Somerset Marquees we stand by our reputation for putting on events of all kinds – from large corporates to even larger weddings!
You don’t want anything to go wrong, so experience is essential. We have the people, capacity and equipment to cater for virtually any enquiry. Just ask. Nothing can possibly phase us!

To enquire about a corporate event, contact us.


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