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The weather in the UK can fluctuate daily which is more than enough to put people off the idea of having an outdoor event, but with the right know-how on combating all types of weather, you can work with it to make your party a wholesome and memorable event. This month Devon & Somerset Marquees are here to reassure you that marquee hire can be an all year round option – whatever the weather, we’re on hand to help you tackle it and make the most of every celebration.

Pick your date

Once you’ve picked a day in the month, research what’s likely to be on the cards:

  • Spring: March-May (Temperature between 9’c and 15’c)
  • Summer: June-August (Temperature between 18’c and 20’c)
  • Autumn: September-November (Temperature between 9’c and 17’c)
  • Winter: December-February (Temperature between 0’c and 6’c)

Tell your guests it’s outdoors

It’s always good to let your guests know when an event is outdoors, this way they can anticipate what they might wear to ensure they remain comfortable throughout.

Layering clothes will ensure you’re prepared for anything, as the temperatures fluctuate, you will be thankful that you can remove or put on another layer. Regardless of the weather, we expect the evenings to get slightly colder, so being prepared ensures everyone has a good time.

Informing your guests on the venue of the celebration will allow them to make an informed judgement on what they will need, as they will be able to look it up and see for themselves what they can expect.

Provide essential amenities

For the odd guest that may forget an umbrella, stock up on essential amenities such as ponchos, blankets, umbrellas, wellies, parasols, hats and maybe even slipper-shoes for those in heels.

Power systems

A power system will always be needed to ensure you have lights, music and functioning facilities, so be sure you have enough to go around to keep the celebration going.

Preparing for the elements


  • Removable or roll up marquee walls will let the heat escape and welcome a cool breeze.
  • Ceiling fans will help guests to cool down if there’s barely a breeze.
  • Face windows west to prevent the marquee from overheating when the sun is at its strongest and you will face a lovely sunset in the evening whilst benefiting from a comfortable temperature.
  • Verandas will provide an extended shaded area, a nice place to locate some furniture – keeping guests cool and comfortable in intimate lounge areas.  
  • Hydration is key to prevent headaches and dizziness.
  • Parasols are a nice addition that’ll keep guests covered and look really pretty in pictures!


  • Ensure your marquee is weighted and staked to prevent your marquee from blowing away or causing any accidents.
  • Solid plastic walls and windows are available and will help to dampen the noise of the strong winds, which in turn, will ensure a warmer environment.
  • Fully fitted roofs should stay put, a quality marquee hire company will never leave a marquee partially completed, everything will be well moored.
  • Heating systems will help to maintain a pleasant temperature, even when it’s windy. Ensuring the comfort of your guests will stop them from leaving early.
  • Wind blockers, if you can preempt high winds, these will come in extra handy.

Snow or ice

  • Work around delays, the snow and ice can cause traffic, so try to take the day as it comes and ensure a cosy and warm party venue for your guests.
  • Heating and fuel is essential, so consider the size of your marquee and judge how many heaters you will require. Gradually heat your marquee to prevent condensation and small pools of water.
  • Double skinned walls are available on certain types of marquees, which can provide extra insulation in extreme weather.  
  • Shovels are a must, it’ll help you to keep the entrances and exits clear.
  • Hot water bottles and faux fur throws can be a nice personal touch that’ll work well in lounge areas. Make your marquee homely, consider low-lying Moroccan furniture or bean bags/sofas where people can socialise and sit down with a drink or a bite to eat.


  • Flooring systems are important, especially when it’s raining. You don’t want your guests to ruin their shoes or clothes in the mud. Appropriate flooring systems will prevent trips and falls too and allow any rainwater to drain into the grass underneath.
  • Marquee guttering is vital to keep rainwater from collecting in the middle of the marquee. This will manage the excess water and keep you and your guests dry.
  • Umbrellas could be given to guests upon arrival – or you could hang them up over the walkway to the marquee – it’ll provide shelter and look fabulous in photographs.
  • Heating systems will keep your friends and family toasty and enable the party to go on for longer.
  • Ponchos and blankets are nice touches that your guests will appreciate.
  • Large cushions placed on sofas and seating areas will look great and keep the warmth inside the marquee.
  • Weather proofed walkways will reassure your guests that health and safety has been considered – especially for young children or elderly people who might be timid on their feet.  
  • Toilet blocks close by or connected to the main marquee will keep your guests dry and free to come and go as they please.
  • Wellies! If you wish to think of everything, wellies could be a nice juxtaposition of a formal event and could make for some really fun photographs of the day!

Turning the weather into a theme is a great way to make your celebration interesting and inviting. For an excellent marquee hire service and an event to remember – call Devon and Somerset Marquees. We have a wealth of experience within the industry and have a long history of highly satisfied customers. Whatever it is you need, get your free site survey and consultation today. We offer our services to customers throughout Exeter, Taunton, Barnstaple, Tiverton, Ilfracombe, Minehead and the surrounding areas.   



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