Your Autumn, Spring or Winter Marquee Celebration

We are naturally big supporters of using a marquee all year round! 

Whether you are dreaming of stepping in from the great outdoors into a warm, inviting marquee, watching the spring sunsets over your favourite landscape, or toasting marshmallows sat on a bale surrounded by friends and family let us dispel the myths of a marquee being ‘just for summer’ and show you how choosing a marquee for your event can let you embrace the shorter days and create an unforgettable and unique event all year round.

All-weather solution

Let’s start by talking weather. It’s ok, we all know the British
weather can have its moments, especially when organising something outside, but with one of our heated and insulated marquees, we will guarantee your guests are cosy and dry whatever the weather.

For total peace of mind, all our marquees are coated to make
them resilient, totally watertight, and wind-tested up to 80mph. We can also provide solid flooring and paths to protect the ground, (and shoes!) to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

The right location

When considering a marquee, at any time of the year, location is key. Whether it’s a spectacular view, a special field, or a garden, don’t forget to also think about access. While the South West generally enjoys warm autumns and frost-free winters, the ground can be softer and can need protecting, and that includes for parking as well as your guests!. Just give us a bell if you would like us to check your site before booking.

Beat the chill

Another myth is that marquees are draughty and cold. Not true! Did you know our marquees can be insulated and lined to stop drafts? Or that we can supply space heaters to temperature control the interior? We can even fit doors and porches to keep the cold at bay and the heat in.  

Set the mood

The beauty of a marquee is that you have a blank canvas to create the mood and feel you desire. Our wide range of coloured drapes can provide a rich backdrop to all your decorations, whilst also adding another layer of insulation.

With colours ranging from brilliant white to rich red and royal blue the interior can be instantly transformed into anything from a warm cosy nest to a sparkling winter wonderland.

Light it your way

If you choose Autumn, Spring or Winter for your event, the shorter days and lower light levels there is a lot of fun to be had with lighting. 

Choosing warm-toned lighting can instantly increase the temperature in the marquee – perhaps not literally, but guests always think it is warmer. Similarly cool tones such as blue can make people feel colder, even if the temperature is the same!  

Why not extend the cheer outside by wrapping trees in twinkling lights and drape festoon lighting to light paths and walkways to transport guests into an altogether different world.

… and don’t forget the outside space too.

This is the total joy of a marquee, if you are planning a party, why not add a fire pit outside your marquee. These are a perfect focus to toast marshmallows and use the warmth as a focus for conversations and stargazing. Patio heaters are another sensible choice for enjoying the outside spaces…. or for the ultimate twist book an ice-rink and add something completely different to your celebration.


So, embrace the magic, create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and let your celebration shine under the enchantment of a marquee – whatever the season!

Want to know more? 

Here at Devon & Somerset Marquees, we work to ensure that you have all you require which is why we offer a number of services including: a range of marquees, interior and exterior design, and furniture and equipment hire.

If you would like a little help, call our friendly team today, Contact Chris or Kim on on 01398 351210 or to find out more.

We work throughout Exeter, Taunton, Barnstaple, Tiverton, Ilfracombe and Minehead.  See our marquees at Devon County Show, Somerset County Show, Mid and North Devon Shows, Honiton Show, Taunton Flower Festival and more!


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