Social distancing in pubs, bars and restaurants

commercial marquee hire social distancing

The lockdown restrictions on pubs and restaurants have prevented them from opening – and even now there is no clarity on when they can start trading properly again. But, from July, there is a possibility they can start serving – and D&S Marquees have the solution. If you’re in Devon or Somerset – or even further afield – we have a temporary solution that can get revenue back in your tills.

Boris Johnson stated in May that pubs and restaurants could open at the earliest by July – and subject to the Government’s 5 conditions and further scientific advice; “if and only if the numbers support it, we will hope to re-open at least some of the hospitality industry and other public places, provided they are safe and enforce social distancing.”

Those businesses with grounds and beer gardens, then, may want to look at our ingenious solution that could assist with social distanced opening and enable pubs and restaurants to restart trading.

Pleasant social distanced dining in a garden or car park

Using our flexible, modular marquees, we have developed a way of separating small groups that are currently self-isolating together using full height clear screens between tables.

In this way we can create a “dining booth” that is large enough for a table of 6 people, separated from the adjacent table by a clear PVC screen.

Measure your outdoor space now. A marquee of size 9m x 15m can accommodate 10 “dining booths” leaving a 3m wide walkway down the centre. The marquee can be erected on grass as shown or on a carpark using concrete weights. And we can also make it larger or smaller, depending on the space available and your clientele.

We can also provide add-ons such as heaters, tables and chairs, flooring etc to make it a positive experience for everyone. We can also have a bar or servery set up within the marquee.

To enquire and get pricing – and to reserve your marquee – please call Chris or Kim on 01398 351 210.


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