Personalised Party Favours For All Marque Events

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At the end of a gathering, party or wedding, a party favour can be the cherry on top of a fabulous night. A party favour is a small gift given to the attending guests at the end of the night as a gesture of gratitude for their attendance and for a memento of the event. Although not traditional, in recent years party favours are becoming more popular as they offer a lovely, Instagrammable way of summing up the event. We’ve got some inspiration for unique party favours for your upcoming event. No matter what it is you’re celebrating, we’re sure you can find some inspiration below!

Corporate event

Whether this is a Christmas work do or the yearly summer party, corporate events are the perfect opportunity to show recognition and thank your staff for a year of hard work. Your staff may love a small potted plant to place on their desks when they return to work, or even personalised pencils and pens.

Hen party

Hen parties are unpredictable and fun, so what better way to end the night than with a fitting and funny party favour. Small bottles of gin, personalised badges or even a collection of polaroids taken throughout the night will be sure to impress your guests.

18th birthday

Your 18th birthday is one to remember, so make it something extra special by sending guests home with a hangover kit, filled with chewing gum, face wipes, a chocolate bar and maybe even a sandwich for those late-night munchies! You could even consider having a burger van outside for guests leaving the party looking to mop up booze drunk throughout the night.

Christening party

The arrival of a baby in the family is a blessing many Christians choose to celebrate by holding a Christening, introducing them to their faith and family. It’s a tradition for the family to hold an informal gathering to socialise and eat in celebration. We recommend offering out small bags of sweets and chocolate, as both adults and children attending will enjoy them.


Weddings are a special event for everyone in attendance and although favours aren’t essential, we think they are the perfect way of finishing off a wonderful day. Traditionally, five sugared almonds were presented to guests, wrapped delicately in pretty cloth or paper to represent wealth, fertility, and happiness. Sugared almonds were chosen as the bitterness of the almond and sweetness of the sugar represented the bittersweetness of a marriage. Since then, wedding favours have evolved into a variety of different things – only limited by imagination and budget! Modern weddings often send guests home with a mini bottle of alcohol or fridge magnets, anything that reflects you as a couple. 

When providing a marquee for an event, we pride ourselves on supplying a first-rate service to all our customers. Our wide selection of marquees are available in different sizes and shapes, suitable for all kinds of events. For more information on our products and services, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.


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