Marquee Wedding Checklist

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Planning your wedding can be stressful when really, it should be fun and exciting! The hardest part is knowing where’s best to start but once you have a solid checklist to refer to, the rest is easy peasy. Take it from the experts and before you know it you’ll be cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet. Things to consider and tick off your checklist, when hiring a marquee…

Type of marquee

Choose your shape and size of marquee – we have a wide selection available. Whether you’re looking to accomodate a large or small guestlist, we can meet all your needs.  

Height of your marquee

As marquees have a good height to them, try being creative with your decorations and give the illusion of a lower ceiling. Combine high and low elements to add interest and inspiration. You may wish to hang flowers, paper lanterns and ribbon – perfect for all weddings.


If you wish for a funky floor, it’s worth asking your marquee hire company whether or not they can do this for you. It’s an ideal way to mark the dance floor and a great way to get people involved in your after-party celebration.


Using twinkly lights can make your wedding day pictures pop and it adds an element of romance and tranquility to the room too. Lighting will build warmth and a great atmosphere that will make your marquee interior very inviting.


Whether you’re having an ultra modern wedding or a rustic wedding – use a quirky backdrop that will create a focal point for photography opportunities.

Chill-out areas

At Devon and Somerset Marquees, we offer furniture and equipment hire so that you can have a stunning and uniform after-party. With tables and chairs, linings, table linen, decorations, toilets and generator hire – we have you covered. These elements will ensure that your guests have a place to sit, relax and eat during your big day. Things to consider and tick off your checklist, when organising your wedding…

12 – 9 months prior

  • Choose your date – if you’re aware of any big milestones amongst your friends and family, avoid these dates.
  • Work out your maximum spend – when booking and hiring, this will help you to decide on what to choose.
  • Sort out your guests – ensure you invite everyone you wish to be there in good time, so your loved ones can keep the date free.
  • Pick who will be your Maid of Honour, Best Man and Usher – give them time to answer because they will need to be able to make sure that they can meet you a few times before the wedding.
  • Meet your officiant – they will be leading your ceremony, so ensure that you let them know of anything you wish to be added in – so that your day is personalised and special.
  • Church or registrar – choose where you both wish to get married.
  • Book a venue for the wedding reception – pick a location that’s easy to get to from the church or registrar.
  • Accommodation night of the wedding – most couples normally choose the reception hotel as it’s nice to book a room for your first night as a married couple.
  • Reserve and hire your wedding marquees – there are many shapes, sizes and designs to choose from. To ensure you get the most romantic setting, that offers a picturesque background, a place to eat and a dance floor, speak to the professionals.
  • Make and send the invites – send them out early as this way you’re more likely to have everyone attend.

9 – 6 months prior

  • Book your photographer, florist and band – do this in advance to ensure that everything is well prepared before the big day.
  • Choose your caterer – are you going to have a sit down meal or a buffet? A wedding is generally a whole day affair, so your guests, and you, will be hungry. Consider what you would like to eat and seek out menu tasting.
  • Taste and order your cake – wedding cakes take a lot of time and planning to make, so book it in good time and try samples to ensure you’re happy with it.
  • Find a decoration hire company – at Devon and Somerset Marquees we can provide tables and chairs, etc. and organise the rooms for the special day.
  • Colour scheme – to make your wedding flawless throughout, you could reflect your colour scheme in your flowers, decorations, bridesmaid dresses and pocket squares for the groomsmen.
  • Transport for the day/night – book your vehicles so you can go to and from venues with ease.
  • Purchase your wedding dress and accessories – try on a number of different wedding dress styles and take your bridesmaids with you. This will help you to choose. Also, you may wish to buy two pairs of shoes for the day, one for the ceremony and one for the after party.
  • Purchase suit and accessories try out a whole range of suits with your best men. Remember to consider ties, cuff links and waistcoats too.  

3 months prior

  • Run through the structure the service with the vicar/officiant/registrar – know how your day is going to pan out.
  • Sort out the bridesmaid dresses – try on and choose a colour to compliment your colour scheme.
  • Select the groomswear – match the bridesmaids with a dash of colour, whether that’s through the waistcoats or cuff links.
  • Purchase your wedding rings – choose your rings and have them fitted.
  • Vows – it’s time to write a few lines that explains what your partner means to you.
  • Seating arrangement for both the ceremony and wedding reception you will want to make a seating chart. You may wish to present this at the door before your guests walk in to avoid the hustle and bustle.
  • Travelling guests – for guests that live far away, make sure they have a place to stay that’s nearby, or maybe in the same hotel as you and your partner.
  • Wedding favours – items such as bubbles, jam, cake pops, magnets and paper origami flowers are a fun little addition.
  • Book your honeymoon – what’s better than a good, relaxing trip away after organising your wedding and getting married?

1 month prior

  • Confirm all arrangements with florists, photographer, hair, makeup etc…
  • Final fittings for the bride, groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids.
  • Finalise your headcount with the caterers – check the people who have RSVP’d and ensure that there’s food for everyone.
  • Print out the service for friends and family to follow
  • Write place cards – be decorative with a little DIY or print your place cards.

The week prior

  • Pick up your suits and dresses
  • Run through your readings and dress rehearsal
  • Sort payments – sort your money into envelopes and label them so that anything that needs to be paid on the day can be done. You may wish to appoint a family member to do the job.
  • Cake delivery time – ring to confirm the time you need the cake to be delivered and have a family member there ready to show them where it needs to go.
  • Give emergency numbers to each vendor – it’s your wedding day, you will be busy – give your vendors a number they can call should they need to get in contact.
  • Organise an overnight bag

Couple of days prior

  • Treat yourself – have a spa day and relax.
  • Pack decorations and favours – pass these on to your decorating company.

Wedding Day!

Enjoy your wedding day with your partner and watch as your hard work and planning unfolds into a breathtaking whirlwind. Make your wedding day extra special with a bespoke marquee that can be tailored to perfection. Here at Devon & Somerset Marquees, we work to ensure that you have all you require which is why we offer a number of services including: a range of marquees, interior and exterior design, furniture and equipment hire, and barn interiors/lining. If you would like a little help, call our friendly team today – we work throughout Exeter, Taunton, Barnstaple, Tiverton, Ilfracombe and Minehead.  


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