The ‘ins and outs’ of erecting a marquee on hard-standing

Over the years we have erected marquees in hundreds of locations that don’t have grass – sea fronts, factory carparks, pavements, patios and even airfields to name just a few!

As you can imagine we’ve been asked kinds of questions about anchoring a marquee without being able to peg it into the ground. These include things like will you drill the tarmac? (not unless we have permission) or how will you get it level? (with a bespoke wooden frame)

The key to any successful marquee is the planning that goes before, and with over 30 years’ experience we have planned quite a few.

marquee in car park

Our clearspan marquees are perfect for hardstanding. Being modular they can often be sized to fit a carpark, patio or hardstanding making it easier to fix.


If fixing into the ground is out, then we will use specially adapted concrete weights. These heavy-duty anchors have hooks and straps to secure guide ropes and placed at regular intervals around the structure. We can also cover these to blend in with the tent.

Another option is water filled weights to make your marquee safe and secure. These can be transported empty and filled in situ. Without heavy transportation these are the greener option.

After your event or hire, these can be simply removed with the marquee without the need for any reinstatement after the event.

In some cases, although the marquee is on the hardstanding we will use neighbouring grass or ground to add some extra fixings.

What happens if it is on a slope?

Slopes can be overcome on a hard standing with the construction of a flat wooden foundation. This will not only create a flat base, but can also create an elevated floor to carpet.

An elevated floor is particularly good for a winter event as extra insulation can be added to the marquee to make it even more snuggly.

Temporary Classroom

… or we need a floor?

Leave it to us! There are many different flooring options if you don’t want to leave the concrete or hard standing. Carpet, slip resistant matting or hardwood are all options and will be discussed when planning your event.

Want to know more? 

Here at Devon & Somerset Marquees, we work to ensure that you have all you require which is why we offer a number of services including: a range of marquees, interior and exterior design, and furniture and equipment hire.

If you would like a little help, call our friendly team today, Contact Chris or Kim on on 01398 351210 or to find out more.

We work throughout Exeter, Taunton, Barnstaple, Tiverton, Ilfracombe and Minehead.  See our marquees at Devon County Show, Somerset County Show, Mid and North Devon Shows, Honiton Show, Taunton Flower Festival and more!


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