How To: Maximise Your Marquee Space

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When hiring out a venue, it’s typical for customers to choose a room that’ll provide enough space for enough entertainment, seating and mingling. To ensure you experience all of these necessary elements, follow our experienced advice and have everything you expected and more to ensure your event is seamless. For many, an old village hall or room in the back of a pub just doesn’t quite fit the bill and so, many turn to marquee hire because it’s an elegant option that offers a blank canvas – perfect for tailoring exactly to your tastes. So to ensure you get the right size marquee and make the most of your space within it, listen up because our friendly team here at Devon and Somerset Marquees are experts when it comes to events management and organisation.

Considering the ideal location for your hired marquee

You have hired a marquee and now what? Choose your location accordingly, if you want to benefit from the outdoors – have it installed in a field where there’s lots of accessible grassy areas and opportunities for picturesque photoshoots. Ideal for weddings, anniversary parties and commercial product exhibitions – where people will be more likely to share their memories – will make any event something to remember.

Choosing to install your marquee on grassland (in summer) means you have increased your usable space and therefore need not worry so much about the layout inside the marquee. However, for those who wish install a marquee on a patio – who will be less likely to utilise the surrounding outside area – will want to pay close attention to the space inside a marquee as it’s likely your guests will remain inside for the majority of the event.

Marquee flooring

Whatever the event, you need not worry about uneven ground – we’re talking to those who will be wearing fabulous heels! Marquee hire will provide the full package ensuring that a comfortable clean and professional flooring is installed, made perfected for dining areas and of course, the dance floor. This will enable you to maximise the use of every square footage of your hired space, making certain you receive good value for money.

Marquee windows, doors and solid panels   

Embrace the natural daylight through your marquee windows and embellish the areas that feature solid panels to maximise your view and your space. Place tables and chairs by the windows of the marquee and you can be sure that your guests will enjoy a dinner with a view. Keep your doors away from the dance floor and entertainment to avoid accidents and a surge of traffic where people are having fun.

Marquee catering

To ensure you marquee space isn’t limited you may choose to hire a catering chef/pop-up kitchen – this is an ideal option that will help to avoid losing unnecessary space as everything can be cleared up once the buffet has closed – meaning less mess and more room for entertainment and dancing.  

Marquees: the ideal events package

Whatever the reason for a function whether that’s a weddings & anniversaries, private parties, trade, commercial or corporate events – marquee hire can offer a tailored events package to suit your tastes style and budget.

For more information or to book our services, simply find your local branch and call Devon & Somerset Marquees today. With years of experience in events management and marquee hire, you can expect nothing but a first-rate service from a highly reputable company.


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