Marquee hire Ilfracombe

Marquee Hire in Ilfracombe

Marquee hire in Ilfracombe: Devon and Somerset Marquees have operated marquee events in and around Ilfracombe for more than 30 years. You’ll often find us in working around the coast – from Ilfracombe to the villages – and we know most of the country houses, village halls and venues that our customers choose for events in this broad area. 

See our fully refundable deposit offer during the coronavirus crisis.

Our team at Devon and Somerset Marquees prides itself in hosting affordable, personable weddings, private events, corporate bookings and festivals & shows. We can tailor our marquees to meet your needs exactly. Whether you want an elegant, modern theme, or more traditional look for an intimate occasion, we can make it happen to perfection.

Can we quote you? It’s best to pick up the phone and speak with us for an accurate idea of how much it could cost, and to reserve a marquee with a low deposit. We have modular solutions so can adapt size and price quickly. We’re unable to provide prices here, without an idea of what you may need.

Remember: Devon & Somerset Marquees can also supply all the things you need – such as the furniture, heating, flooring, decorations and more,  to make sure each detail is exactly as you want.

Our marquee hire services are available in Ilfracombe and the surrounding areas – just get in touch to find out more!